WHITE STORIES is an event planning company committed to organising every special event of your life, reflecting your own personality and needs. We place the emphasis on every detail in order to achieve an exceptional event. We are always available to write with you the story of your wedding, christening, baby shower, private or corporate party.

Our purpose is to collect all relevant information and select with you the colours and materials, in order to create a unique story. A story to create beautiful moments and leave you with unforgettable memories.

We draw inspiration from the past, present and the future… arts, fashion, travelling. Our team loves handcrafted designs as much as modern decor, but what we really cherish is creating a unique combination of these in order to produce events that are innovative and exceptional.
We are truly passionate about the event planning process and always find the balance between elegance and creativity.

Our philosophy is to make every moment special, unique and long-lasting. At WHITE STORIES, we consider the journey as the most important part of every event. As a result, our purpose is to make this journey as calm, pleasant and as magical as possible.

In the end it is so much more than just one day!

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