Meet Katerina

Katerina is the owner and lead event planner of WHITE STORIES company. She is extremely passionate about her work and her style of planning events combines exceptional character with innovative design.

Since she was a child, she loved arts and hasn't stopped being creative since then. She loves painting, designing and creating jewellery & decorative items, while using different techniques and a rich variety of materials. Each material has always been for Katerina a motivation for creation.

She has taken courses in numerous art-seminars and completed studies in the School of Arts. Her studies in Business Administration combined with her artistic flair, pushed Katerina to found WHITE STORIES company where elegance meets knowledge.

Katerina's main virtues as a professional event planner are patience, persistence, punctuality and thoughtfulness. She approaches each event as a special experience. Making the "journey" of event planning easier for her clients, is truly her main goal. Her approach to creation involves building trustful and respectful relationships with her clients.

Katerina loves travelling with her family around the world. At the moment she lives in Athens with her husband and daughter.

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