Event planning agency, Melina's Christening
  • Melina, Destination Christening in Litochoro

I found White stories while looking in the internet for an event planning agency to organise my daughter’s baptism. From the first phone call I knew Katerina was the ‘one’.

Her positive energy, creativeness and professionalism were the ingredients for the amazing result. Although the whole event was organised via Skype and we never had the chance to meet in person, Katerina managed to organise the baptism of my dreams.

Always very creative and alert she quickly understand my expectations and she took care of every little detail. The outcome was outstanding and all our guests were amazed by the overall atmosphere…

Thank you so much Katerina for creating an unforgettable event and for making our special day even more special. Hope I will find soon a reason to do some ‘magic’ together!!!

Wedding in Athenian riviera, Amaryllis & Panagiotis
  • Amaryllis & Panagiotis, Wedding in Athenian riviera

In the beginning it was so difficult for us to chose between several event planning agencies for our wedding in athenian riviera. In our whole research we found White stories, where professionalism meets creativity!

Most of all, White stories events is a highly organised team with brilliant ideas. On the day of the wedding, they went above and beyond our expectations!

In addition, Katerina is a pleasure to work with! Her patience and her smile were so encouraging, so the outcome was great!

I would have no hesitation in recommending this team!

Wedding in Athens, Sophia & Johnny
  • Sophia & Johnny, Wedding in Athens

There are no words to thank you Katerina for what you did for our wedding in Athens!

Everything was perfect and there was nothing to worry about that night!

The decoration was amazing and our wedding was just fantastic because of you!!!Love you!

Wedding planning in Kalamata, Marilena & Jeff
  • Marilena & Jeff, Destination wedding planning

Let us tell you all about how we came to work with White Stories, and why it was the best experience we could’ve possibly had with our wedding planning agency.

We had started looking for wedding planners in Greece (harder than you’d think!) and stumbled upon White Stories in a few different wedding web sites. We contacted her and a number of other wedding planners. Even from the very beginning, from that very first conversation, we could tell that there was something different about the way she worked. You could tell that she had a level of personal involvement and responsibility that was a cut above the other planners. After initially talking to Katerina, we wanted to make sure we gave all the other planners a chance, but honestly, none of them connected with us the way that she did.After talking to the last of the wedding planners on our list, we called Katerina back as quickly as possible to tell her that she was the one we’d love to have plan our wedding. That was in September.

We talked over video chat for a few months before going to Greece in November. Once there, we set aside a day or two to go around with Katerina and visit all of her vendors. It became even more obvious that Katerina surrounded herself with other like minded individuals who cared about their final product, not just bringing in clients to make money. She helped us establish personal connections with every single one of the vendors, from the florist, to the graphic designer, to the photographer, and even to the baker. We felt so good about everything after our trip in November, we knew that Katerina, White Stories, and her entire team would do everything they could to make our wedding as amazing as we could ever want.

After leaving Greece, Katerina stayed in constant communication with us. It didn’t feel like a chore, for her, nor for us. It felt like we were staying in close touch with a great friend. One who wanted to make sure that we had our every desire for the wedding come to life. Katerina was very good at getting our input on the exact issues that mattered to us. She would take care of all the details that didn’t need our attention, and make it very easy for us to decide on the things we needed to. She let us be as involved as we wanted.

One of the qualities that distinguish her is that she understands exactly what you want without many words. We could not have imagined it would feel so effortless to have something we had envisioned come to life in the way that it did. Looking back, it really feels like we had the easiest time in the world planning our wedding (though I’m sure Katerina will tell you it was a handful for her!), and it’s all thanks to Katerina for making it such a low-stress endeavor for us.

Even on the day of the wedding, we both could not have been more relaxed. Katerina and her team were there to handle everything. The setup, the seating, the progression of events, even corralling in our wayward family members and other guests at the appropriate time(s). What for some people is an incredibly tense and stressful (albeit joyous) day, we both were so calm and confident because we knew that Katerina and White Stories would be there to take care of everything, every step of the way.

We can’t possibly say thanks enough to Katerina, her White Stories team, and all the other vendors that we worked with. They made our dream wedding come true in the best possible way, and we left feeling like we had made life-long friends with someone for whom we now generally care about, and who cares about us. The relationship we have with Katerina now is personal, she is like family to us and we feel very fortunate to have met her.

Katerina is not only exceptional at what she does, she is a wonderful person. Her attention to detail and her remarkable good taste were evident the day of the wedding. She created a wonderland for us, it all looked so much better than we could have ever pictured it to be. Everything was absolutely perfect and all of our guests were very impressed. She really is brilliant at what she does AND she is really fun to be with! Her kindness and her loving personality really set her apart. Katerina is a very humble person and we owe her a huge thanks for putting together the perfect day for us!

Whenever we have another event in Greece, there won’t be any question at all who we would talk to. We would run back to Katerina and White Stories in a heartbeat.

Wedding in Athens, Nantia & Christos
  • Nantia & Christos, Wedding in Athens

We got married almost 2 months ago…We are so happy and pleased choosing Whitestories events for our wedding in Athens.

First of all, our wedding planner gave us the opportunity to enjoy every moment and helped us make our dreams come true. Most of all White stories team paid attention in every detail and they also gave quality and lot’s of ideas!!!!!!!

Katerina did a great job and she was always there for us!!! As a result, after the wedding we received a lot of compliments as we expected!!!

We highly recommend them to anyone who wants to experience a special and unique wedding!!! Katerina and Dimitris we wish you all the best guys!!!!

Christening in Athenian riviera, Marina & Nikoleta
  • Marina & Nikoleta, Christening in Athenian riviera

After a wedding and a baptism already organized, I had to organise the celebration for the Christening in Athenian riviera of my 2nd and 3rd baby girl. First of all I knew exactly what I wanted and also I was really demanding.

Most noteworthy, was Katerina’s interest to learn all the details. Consequently, she asked me about the venue and my ideas. As a result she made her comments and observations which were to the point from the first appointment. I loved that she respected and followed my ideas and built on these nicely. She took care of every detail and as well as she add some clever bits. Completely professional at all times! With her feet on the ground is working with you with passion and creativity.

I am now looking forward to find an opportunity to organise another celebration so me and Katerina make another great day!! Thank you

Destination wedding in Athens, Tasos & Maria
  • Tasos & Maria, Destination wedding in Athens

White Stories team were amazing helping us out in organising our destination wedding in Athens. First of all, the challenges were many; long-distance, one month to the date, busy schedules and tight budgets. But Katerina did her magic and made our special day amazing.

She is very creative, full of ideas but most of all with the right attitude. She immediately understood what we wanted and was very reliable and committed. Most noteworthy was that she took all my stress away, because I knew I had her to help out and I managed to really enjoy my wedding and not worry about a thing.

In conclusion, I have to admit that working with White Stories is the best thing we could have done! I highly recommend them to anyone planning for a wedding or a special celebration. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Wedding & Christening in Porto Cheli, Nino & Napoleana
  • Nino & Napoleana, Wedding & Christening event

Katerina and the White Stories team are so great! They made our Wedding & Christening an event that our guests still speak about!

Living overseas my husband and I, needed someone to take care of everything in respect to both events, we had one quick appointment during one of our visits to Greece and Katerina got the feel of what we were looking for right away. She took care of everything from the smallest decorative detail to more complicated “administration” tasks and she made it all happen!

We felt Katerina put her heart and soul into our event. She paid so much attention to every aspect of our event combining the wedding and christening so tastefully. Her hard work reflected in the compliments we received. Little details such as the delicious home made lemonade served at the church, made all the difference!!!

White Stories & Katerina we could not thank you enough for planning our special day!

Event planning company, Vasia & Yiannis
  • Vasia & Yiannis, Wedding & Christening event

WHITE STORIES is first of all a creative event planning company! They have fresh ideas but most of all they have professionalism.

Most noteworthy was our perfect cooperation which was due to their consistency!

As a result everything was perfect…thank you so much for making the day of our wedding and christening of our baby, so beautiful!!!

Christening in Athens city center, Fotis
  • Fotis, Christening in Athens city center

In the beginning we chose the church, we always want to make our sons’ christening in Athens city center.

Then we chose White stories events. Katerina…first of all, thank you for making the most precious moment of our baby’s life so MAGICAL!!!

Planning our baby’s christening was so important for us! Finally, it was a dream which came true and you did this for us!

We just love you for everything you did for our baby’s christening!!!