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Wedding cinematography in Greece

Destination Wedding Videos

White Stories is proud to present a select range of destination wedding films, wedding videos, and wedding highlights from a few of our favorite weddings. All in all, from beautiful elopements to luxury weddings, no destination wedding request is too intricate! Enjoy your special day exactly like you envisioned it.

Destination wedding in Paros – Marie & Nedim

Amongst our destination wedding films, this entry has a special place in our hearts. The stunning wedding shots of the venue, the beautiful sunset, and the elegance of the couple are second to none! This is a dream wedding in every sense of the word.

Destination wedding in the Athenian Riviera – Mina & Paul

This entry proudly presents Mina and Paul, who got married in the stunning Athenian Riviera. A wedding of luxury, romance, and passion- their love was evident from every single wedding detail! All in all, a very elegant wedding.

Destination wedding in Ios Island – Sage & Keith

A beautiful wedding in Ios, that showcases all of the island’s glory. Truly one of the most magnificent weddings we took part in, with an amazingly beautiful couple. Picturesque wedding with an amazing view and an extraordinary atmosphere!

Wedding in Andros Island – Chrysa & Nikos

A picturesque wedding video showing the beauty of a traditional Greek wedding in Andros island. This entry in our destination wedding videos because it shows the stunning architecture, traditional roots and the beauty of the sun and sea that make for an amazing mix! In summary, we were very lucky to be part of such a happy celebration.

Wedding at the Athenian Riviera – Julia & Sergei

A wonderful wedding in the Athenian Riviera that took place in the closing summer days. A really majestic celebration, where the couple and their guests enjoyed their union right by the sea. All in all, the awe-inspiring view right as the sunset produced remarkable photographs and unforgettable memories!

Elopement in Paros

The wedding highlights from this amazing elopement in Paros beautifully express the essence of this amazing ceremony. Fast-paced, vibrant, and peaceful – the video rhythm adequately describes the couple’s personality and passion! All in all, a beautiful elopement!

Wedding in Sifnos – Popi & Zach

This eloquent wedding in Sifnos was a wonderful Greek island wedding. The lovely Greek sun and view of the sandy shores and sea of Sifnos delight all the senses! Truly a masterful wedding we were lucky to be part of.

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